Secret Email System

Secret Email System

Secret Email System

For anyone looking to start, scale and grow a digital business in 2021, "New book shows how I built a 7 figure online business using only ethical email marketing to generate revenue, sales and... Increase commissions..." No, to create any product, no service fulfillment, no advertising or customer service - and best of all - just 30 minutes of work per day with 24/7 automated earnings

Content: website / membership e-book audio-video

In addition, you may not use the following advertising methods if approved for this affiliate program. This can result in you being kicked out of the affiliate program and forfeiting potential commissions coming from your traffic.

1. Don't spam, use safe lists or single ads of any kind.

2. Don't use PPV or other traffic sources that you have no control over, except Facebook, YouTube, Google or Bing, but if any of those traffic sources don't convert, turn them off immediately or you'll mess up the deal amount for everyone.

3. Do not use negative words such as "scam" in advertising campaigns.

4. Do not misrepresent our products/offers.

5. You may not create any Facebook Groups or Facebook Pages related to "Matt Bacak", "Secret Email System" or "Launch with Matt".